Forwarding a subdomain from GoDaddy to Webfaction

By andy July 9th, 2008

My company ( uses GoDaddy for Domain names, DNS, Website and blog hosting. The blog service is ok but unsophisticated, I needed something I could customize more. So as part of my initiative to move the entire web to Webfaction I decided to move the blog over.

This created an interesting problem. The domain name points to GoDaddy nameservers for DNS, but I needed GoDaddy to point the to a server at Webfaction. Fearing I may need to move all our services to Webfaction in one go, I looked into just carving our this one subdomain.

I turns out this is really easy. The Wordpress blog application was already sitting at So I created a CNAME entry at GoDaddy’s DNS which pointed blog to Then at Webfaction’s control panel, I told it to expect http requests at (using their “Website” menu item). The final step was to tell Wordpress that it now lived at a new address in the WP admin console.

It works like a dream, and the address in the browser bar remains just as it should.

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